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Welcome to Real Estate Forum (REF), a platform that connects real estate developers from across the globe to discuss, understand and share commonly faced challenges and solutions. Our organization functions as a fraternal networking group, empowering our members to connect and grow together to benefit not only themselves but also their broader communities through greater efficiency in the development of real estate.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the world's foremost fraternal real estate development organization, focusing on members' meeting, discussing, and discovering greater avenues to further growth through a creative, thought-provoking environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to meet, discuss and strategize regarding real estate development, its challenges and solutions, by connecting the individual members of the professional real estate community from across the globe.

Why Connect

Why Join the Real Estate Forum

As developers, a major component of our industry is the frequent interaction with people from all walks of life, from city officials to general contractors, to tenants and the public. This engagement presents daily challenges. Coupled with the litany of other issues that arise in real estate development, such as financial and legal problems, the pressure can sometimes feel overwhelming


Reliable Information and Trust-Based Community

REF seeks to provide a reliable reference point for information, allowing our members to ask questions, get feedback, and craft solutions. This organizational view provides the foundation for a long-lasting community built on trust in an industry known for its consistent challenges.


Our motto is growth through solutions-based professional networking. In this way, REF's members will share their most commonly faced challenges, exchange tested solutions, and grow together with the goal of gaining knowledge to better navigate the field of real estate development.

Structure and

Meetings will be structured around industry speakers focusing on specific topics such as multi-family, master-planned communities, raw land, and common legal and title issues, while also allowing for friendly conversations among the members. This mixture of formal speakers with more informal engagement between members allows for the efficient exchange of ideas in a pleasant and inviting environment.

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The Benefits

How will the Forum help you?

REF provides a space where those with all levels of experience in the real estate industry come together, and the diversity of experience provides a tremendous potential for discussion, planning, and utilization of the inherent ability that those at each level present to one another. By discussing members' commonly faced challenges, while participating in thought-provoking discussions, rapid growth can be achieved not only for REF members but for the broader community that those members serve. Moreover, REF's frequent networking meetings and events are excellent ways to interact with relevant industry experts and meet potential investors, business partners, employees, and friends

Among other topics, REF will facilitate member discussion of:

  • Criteria to identify and evaluate general contractors, engineers, title companies, and other professionals for cost-effectiveness and skill ;
  • Best practices and approaches in building commercial/residential developments and strategies surrounding vertical construction ;
  • Effective ways to approach lenders for construction loans;
  • Strategies for development and implementation of cost-effective design plans;
  • Best practices in the performance of sale/lease activities in both residential and commercial projects;
  • Methods to cost-effectively perform all manner of construction management activities using efficient techniques coupled with the right software;
  • Guidance on MUD or PID activities for bigger residential land development projects;
  • Common issues concerning title and how to best avoid them.
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Join the Real Estate Forum

If you're a real estate developer looking to connect with peers, discuss challenges, and grow together, consider joining the Real Estate Forum. Contact us to learn more about our membership options and how you can get involved.

Target Membership

Real estate developers are REF’s membership target and are welcome to be an active participant in all the events

Online Forum

To provide our members with even more opportunities to connect, REF will operate an AI-enhanced online forum, allowing members to connect with and share feedback surrounding relevant industry experts and professionals.

Director - Real Estate Forum

Ravi Polishetty embodies the essence of visionary leadership and innovative spirit that defines the firm. His relentless pursuit of excellence, coupled with a disciplined approach to quality, has been instrumental in steering the firm towards remarkable achievements across various sectors. Ravi's strategic foresight and commitment to innovation have not only propelled the firm to new heights but have also established us as a beacon of industry-leading excellence.

Under his guidance, the firm has seen unprecedented growth and success, transforming each challenge into an opportunity for innovation. As a Director, Ravi continues to inspire and drive the team towards achieving excellence in all our endeavors, solidifying our position at the forefront of the industry.

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